Fears and Phobias & How I Can Help You


Whether it be a fear of Spiders or a fear of flying the thought of a particular something for that person is utterly terrifying but can be removed from your subconscious allowing you to enjoy your life again.

Often the fear has been lodged in your subconscious from an early age and , because you have been taught this fear, your subconscious then believes it to be true. So many people I speak to about a fear of spiders are often surprised when I say to them “ I bet your parents are scared also”. Your subconscious will take on board all new information such as  2 year old baby witnessing mum screaming at the sight of a spider. The toddler will take this and it is lodged in the subconscious for when it is faced with a spider situation.

.Your fear of whatever is a learned response so Hypnotherapy  clears your subconscious of the negative or unhealthy beliefs that drive your anxiety state and thoughts and instils calm and relaxation and a future indifference to the situations or experiences that, until now, have been triggering your phobia.

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