Stop Smoking & How I Can Help You

You WILL leave me as a non smoker and , because of the extremely high success rates I achieve , l offer a free follow up session anytime within the first 6 months if required.

Smoking is a habit and not an addiction so you can easily become a natural non-smoker again. Smokers typically smoke in patterns     “I have one as soon as I get up then I have one with a coffee and then I smoke 3 in the car on the way to work” . My guess is that you are the same so look at your own smoking pattern of the day.

Your subconscioius associates smoking with these daily routines so you will often find yourself smoking when you don’t even have a desire to smoke.

I will break those patterns so that in any situation , time or place you will become a natural non-smoker and if a craving appears then you will simply find yourself saying “No Thanks , I Don’t smoke” and you will be surprised how easily you automatically say those words

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