Weight Loss & How I Can Help You

The weight loss industry thrives on selling us a dream that’s achievable with limited effort. It’s not so good at encouraging us to look more deeply at the reasons why food has become our enemy. There’s no quick buck to be made that way.

Yes, the simple physiological reason we put on weight is because we eat too much of the wrong things. But you can be sure that if you’re struggling and failing to control your weight on an ongoing basis, the reason has nothing to do with physiology and everything to do with psychology.

And that’s why our hypnotherapy sessions are so effective at helping you to achieve the outcome you want.

For many people, food is the ‘drug’ they choose to fight an internal battle – one which involves subconscious issues arising from a past event or experience. Eating can be an emotional bolt-hole, a place of comfort where some of us choose to hide from something we find emotionally too hard to deal with head-on.

We have all sorts of names and labels for this – comfort eating, emotional eating among them – but in the end people who want to lose weight but find it difficult to stop overeating are usually subconsciously compensating for something else. Hypnotherapy can help you to identify what that something else is and then deal with it permanently.

In the hypnotherapy sessions I work with you to change that negative reward structure and instead help you to find a way of resolving whatever is leading you to make the eating decisions you do.

Our conscious relationship with food naturally starts when we are children= were you told to finish everything on your plate before being allowed to leave the table or did you celebrate your birthday with birthday cake? And some of us had a parent who was continually on a diet or a friend or family member who made jibes about their weight.

These actions make, food linked to how we feel – or how we are sometimes made to feel – about ourselves. If we’re lucky, that results in a positive relationship with what we eat. But in a great many cases the reverse is true and we find ourselves on the slippery slope of fluctuating weight and yo-yo dieting that masks underlying emotional issues we’re trying to ignore or avoid.

The feelings we’re trying to calm or avoid are rarely recognised but are instead experienced as an illogical and subconscious need to eat even when not hungry. Our emotional need to eat is also strengthened by stress or boredom.



You will have a tailored approach and be armed with a number of techniques which will change forever your relationship with food without the need to diet. And you will be able to lose weight permanently.

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